Should You Take a Break From Fiction Writing?

It has been my practice for the last 15 years to write every day—even if I only had a few minutes to spare. I was of the opinion that things get rusty if you don’t. I teach this to my students and I practiced what I preached. But in the lead-up to giving birth to my daughter late last year, I decided I would take a break. It was a conversation with a fellow creative type about some frustration on the business end of my career that steered me toward the trial and I thought, well, it’s a great time to see how I go without writing. Maybe I won’t want to do it anymore. Maybe I’ll be cured and I can move on.

Hybrid Author Success: COVERS

Hybrid Author Success: COVERS

As a traditionally published author, one of the days I most dreaded was the one on which my agent would call and say something to the effect of, “Okay, don’t freak out. Your cover arrived and you might not like it,” or “Your cover arrived and you should think about it before you hate it,” or “This is the worst cover I ever saw but we can’t change it.”


Many of us have a word that often escapes our memories. Funny enough, the word I used to forget the most was “articulate.” People would laugh when I told them that, but it was so difficult to yank that word out of my brain that I wrote it down on the inside flap of a little notebook I used to carry around all the time. When I think back to that now, it seems symbolic of a larger issue.

Check ‘er out!

The Patrons Advanced CopiesThe advance copies of my new novel, THE PATRONS, have arrived! The very first time I have actually LOVED a cover and was able to stay true to my vision; I had a hunch self-publishing would be for me…Thank you amazing freelance pros!!  Especially Yocla Designs and Siobhan Gallagher; looks like the world is finally ours.


Expert-Guided Workshop with Daniella Brodsky

Expert-Guided Workshop with Daniella Brodsky

WHEN: 6-8pm on 4 consecutive Thursdays July 5, 12, 19, 26

WHERE:  Daniella’s Captain Cook Studio, Narrabundah ACT

For writers who’ve completed a creative writing course or workshop in the past, or have had some (yes, limited is fine) experience working independently on a novel draft (adult or young adult), this workshop is the perfect opportunity to get some scheduled butt-in-seat time working on your book, with the invaluable input of a group of budding writers in the same boat—all with six-time published novelist Daniella Brodsky on hand to critique and guide you along with craft tips and personalized feedback.  As all the best writing groups do, together we’ll build on the foundations of craft, research, inspiration, pacing, conflict, and characterization, using your own weekly writing submissions to put theory into practice and help your projects along in the most useful way—all with the aim of articulating on paper exactly what’s in our heads.

Launch: Princess of Park Avenue ebook

Brand Spankin' New Cover

Dear readers new and old,

I am thrilled to announce the re-launch of one of my favorite backlist titles:  PRINCESS OF PARK AVENUE, on sale NOW.  For those of you who have become fans later in the game, I am calling this launch series, My ‘Dirty Literary History.’  The name is tongue in cheek and only an attempt to let you know that it’s a

The Year in Reading

Is it me, or has this been a year of fantastic novels?  Right off the top of my head I can think of Night Circus, Before I Go to Sleep, A Visit from the Goon Squad, Sarah Thornhill, Room, and The Tiger’s Wife. There were so many wonderful stories, I’m sure I’ve had my best reading year in a long while.  I deplore the arbitrary nature of lists, so I won’t get into that here (though if anyone wants to stick my book on one, I’m not going to pull a Jonathan Franzen), but I’ll also say I was pointed to a ton of vintage reads, either by recommendation, happy accident, by way of research (one book leads to another leads to another and so on), or simply scouring used bookstores or op shops.


There’s nothing more exciting than artistic collaboration—free of the constraints of the traditional business models, and as authors get our backlist rights back, we’re free to let creativity run wild.  In that spirit, I’m looking for a new cover design for my backlist collection, and I’ve set up this contest to give emerging artists the chance for some experience and publicity.  The going rate for these covers is about $150, and that’s what I’m offering as a prize—along with image credits.

Books Aren’t Good Enough

To me, this is perfection

I have a prediction:  the public will soon be divided into two camps.  On the one hand we’ll have these new technology enthusiasts, who not only love their ebooks, but can’t wait to see how the old skool words-on-a-page notion of books can be heightened, made more graphic, more interactive, more like a whole new category of technology—a mook or a boovie.  And on the other hand will be people like me, who love books because they are in fact merely words-on-a-page that when done properly, can create a world all their own.  People like me might be a minority, but we’ll catch momentum when the nostalgia trend peaks again, and it’s suddenly cool to be old skool.